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Council Staff - Sheri Land

Sheri Land

Grants Management Specialist

Sheri Land serves as the Grants Management Specialist for the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (RESTORE Council). Created by the RESTORE Act of 2012 and comprised of the Governors of the five Gulf Coast States and Cabinet-level officials from six federal agencies, the RESTORE Council is responsible for restoring and protecting the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, coastal wetlands, and economy of the Gulf Coast.

Prior to this position, Sheri served eight years with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as the RESTORE Program Manager and grant coordinator. Her responsibilities included working with agency staff in development of the program, the development of the RESTORE grant process and trainings, the implementation and awarding of the Treasury Bucket 1 programs, the implementation of the Council Funded Priorities List 1 grants for TCEQ and oversight of projects, and the assistance in Buckets 2 and 3 for planning and implementation of grants.

Prior to TCEQ, Sheri worked for approximately 16 years as a Coastal Resources Director with the Texas General Land Office where she assisted in the development of the Texas RESTORE grant program with TCEQ, oversaw the Coastal Management Program and grants, the Coastal Impact Assistance Program and grants, the Coastal Erosion Protection and Response Act Program and grants, the development of GOMESA grants, and the Beach Watch Program, just to name a few.

Prior to the General Land Office, Sheri served over five years as the Coordinator for Funding at the Texas Department of Agriculture where she developed a process and oversaw agency federal funded grants and cooperative agreements. Sheri has dedicated her career to the coast and the health of the ecosystem.  She has developed coastal programs and overseen and managed a variety of coastal grants from initiation to finalization. She has served on committees, such as the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and the Coastal States Organization, as well as external Texas coastal committees to provide collaboration, planning assistance, and grant management guidance.