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Bayou DuLarge Ridge, Marsh and Hydrologic Restoration (Planning)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service has begun planning the Bayou DuLarge Ridge, Marsh and Hydrologic Restoration project, funded by the RESTORE Council. This $5.2 million planning project is one of the projects funded from the Council-Selected Restoration Component’s Initial Funded Priorities List. Ridge, Marsh and Hydrologic Restoration Projects such as this one have been instrumental in preserving and restoring critical habitat along the coast of Louisiana. The project's location provides a unique opportunity to manage salinity intrusion into a vast area where salinity was historically and naturally moderated through intact land features. By restoring natural salinity levels, the project can help protect and restore certain types of wetlands that are harmed by the intrusion of high salinity waters. The project will benefit a total 540 acres of habitat restoration.

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