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Mobile Bay National Estuary Program - Planning

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated the planning phase of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program project, funded by the RESTORE Council. This $358,000 planning project is one of the projects funded from the Council-Selected Restoration Component’s Initial Funded Priorities List. This project will complete the restoration planning component for approximately 1,300 linear feet of stream in Twelve Mile Creek--one of six tributaries within the Three Mile Creek Watershed in Alabama, including re-establishment of vegetated banks and flood plain and installation of energy dissipation structures to reduce velocity of flowing water and significantly reduce a major source of sediment being transported downstream. The planning component includes engineering and design; development of an invasive species control program focused on aquatic vegetation in Three Mile Creek; preparation of necessary environmental compliance and regulatory clearances documentation; quality assurance; and pre-restoration monitoring.

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