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RESTORE Council Announces Plans to Vote on Funded Priorities List 3a

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council) announces plans to vote on whether to approve the final Funded Priorities List (FPL) 3a. FPL 3a describes the Council’s funding decisions for two ecosystem projects administered by the Council pursuant to the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies Act of the Gulf Coast States of 2012 (RESTORE Act). This funding is from the RESTORE Act allocation known as the Council-Selected Restoration Component or Bucket 2. By voting to approve FPL 3a, the Council would: 
1) Identify the River Reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp as a priority for potential funding, and budget $130M in implementation funds for this project. This project would restore processes that will enhance ecosystem health and reduce or minimize future loss of approximately 45K acres of bald cypress-water tupelo forest in coastal Louisiana, by reintroducing Mississippi River water into the Maurepas Swamp. Louisiana is the sponsor of this project.
2) Approve $26.88M in planning and implementation funds for the Perdido River Land Conservation and Habitat Enhancements project, which involves the acquisition, conservation, management, and restoration of approximately 10K-12K acres of coastal habitat in Alabama. In addition, the Council would identify a separate implementation component of this project as a priority for potential funding, and budgeting $1.12M for this additional implementation component. Alabama is the sponsor of this project.
In developing FPL 3a, the Council adhered to the FPL development process it committed to, including use of best available science, ensuring public engagement and transparency, and consideration of the Council’s 2019 Planning Framework, finalized August 2019.  The Council developed the FPL 3a Responses to Comments that considered the all comments received during the public comment period, those comments are available in the FPL 3a Consolidated Comments.  Where applicable, the final project descriptions were modified based upon internal and external reviews and public comments. The process for developing FPL 3b will also adhere to the FPL development process. The Council plans to focus on the development of FPL 3b during 2020, with an anticipated Council vote in the first half of 2021.  
Keala J. Hughes
Director of External Affairs & Tribal Relations
(504) 717-7235