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Funded Priorities List 3b

The Council develops Funded Priorities Lists (FPLs) through collaboration among its members and with feedback from stakeholders across the Gulf. As a result of this collaborative process, the Council determined that developing FPL 3 using a phased approach would enable the Council to respond to ecosystem needs and take advantage of important partnership opportunities to advance large-scale ecosystem restoration in the near term.  

The Council voted to approve FPL 3a in February 2020, which included one ecosystem project in Louisiana and another in Alabama. In March 2020, the Council solicited proposals for potential funding under Bucket 2 in the second phase of the Council’s Funded Priority List 3, referred to as FPL 3b. In developing FPL 3b, the Council will adhere to the FPL development processes committed to by the Council, particularly as they relate to the use of the best available science (BAS), public engagement and transparency, and the Council’s 2019 Planning Framework. In FPL 3b, the Council is following the same process as it considers proposals that address ecosystem needs in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama, along with regional and Gulfwide proposals.

Proposal Submission and Review Process

This process began with the Council seeking detailed funding proposals on the potential FPL 3b projects and programs from their respective state and federal sponsors. All proposals must adhere to the Council's Proposal Submission Guidelines and Review Process. These proposals will be reviewed for:

  • Consistency with the RESTORE Act priority criteria and the Council’s Comprehensive Plan goals and objectives, 
  • Whether all necessary environmental compliance documentation has been obtained, 
  • Consistency with the Council’s 2019 Planning Framework, and
  • Use of the best available science, as required by the RESTORE Act. 

Best Available Science

According to the Council’s Proposal Submission Guidelines and Review Process, all proposals are provided to three external scientists to review to determine if the best available science was applied to the proposals. These reviews will be discussed and summarized by an internal best available science review panel. Based on the results of the reviews described above, Council members will be able to revise their proposals to address any identified gaps. The proposals as well as the reviews and responses to the reviews will be made available to the public by posting the proposal packages to the Council’s website.

Next Steps for FPL 3b

The Council will notify Gulf stakeholders subscribed to RESTORE eBlasts of the availability of the FPL 3b proposal packages. The public is encouraged to view these proposal packages in advance of the Council releasing the draft FPL 3b for public comment and review, anticipated to begin in late 2020. The Council will review comments received before the close of the public comment and review period and release a response to the public comments received prior to the deadline. The Council anticipates voting on the draft FPL 3b in spring of 2021.